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The InPrint Editor is a member of the CAL Board of Directors and is responsible for selecting and editing the feature article for each month’s edition of InPrint, CAL’s monthly online newspaper delivered to members by email. The InPrint Editor also edits any other news copy featured in the monthly InPrint—including the President’s Letter, the “In This Issue” section and any related articles or short news blurbs.

At monthly board meetings, the InPrint Editor provides a brief summary of the next month’s feature article and is prepared to answer any questions about it. The InPrint Editor works closely with CAL’s Web Administrator, submitting the feature article in a timely fashion in order for it to be properly prepared for online publication.

Experience required for this position:

The InPrint Editor should have experience writing and editing feature copy, an excellent command of English grammar and composition rules—as well as an active awareness of book publishing, marketing, writing and other author-related concerns and interests.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings, usually nine each fiscal year, and be prepared to provide an update on the next month’s InPrint feature article topic.
  • Identify reliable sources for feature articles (such as well-regarded writer’s blog sites) and contact those sites on behalf of CAL to request permission to reprint a blog post or article in InPrint.
  • Edit each month’s article, aiming for about a 900-word count, and write the headline, the author byline and any accompanying editor’s note if needed.
  • Secure one or more photo images to accompany the article using such free sites as PhotoPin.Com and UnSplash.Com—making sure to provide proper credit.
  • Submit the article and photo to CAL’s Web Administrator for formatting.
  • Review the article and any other news items—along with the President’s Letter—for final approval before publication

Time requirements:

  • Attendance at nine monthly Board meetings—about 2 hours each—except in May, August and December.
  • Selection of each month’s feature article, requesting reprint permission, editing article and consulting with CAL Web Administrator—2-4 hours each month.
  • Minimal additional time as dictated by committees or projects volunteered for as a Board member.