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Attention Book Illustrators and Cover Designers!

Colorado Authors League has long been about the business of storytelling, and now we’re opening our membership to include those who tell stories through art!

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Bruce Most named CAL's 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner!

By Doug Hawk

Congratulations to long-time CAL member and past CAL President Bruce Most for being selected to receive CAL’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bruce joined Colorado Authors’ League in 1979, and his contributions to the organization cannot be over-looked or minimized. Beginning immediately after joining, Bruce spent many years serving on the CAL Board, holding positions as president, vice president, historian, and several terms as the CAL Awards chair. Back in the days when CAL held monthly luncheons, summer picnics and the annual Awards Banquet, Bruce was always present, always involved and always willing to do what needed to be done.

Bruce has had an enormous impact on CAL well beyond his active participation on the board and his long writing career. He is a friend to all. He interacts with other writers on an honest and open basis and is an unwavering voice for reason, unity and inclusion. Always available to offer advice and encouragement, Bruce is frequently the first to greet a new member, quick to introduce them to others in the organization and never disparages or belittles another writer’s efforts. 

Bruce is one of those courageous writers who built his career as a freelancer without the benefit of a “day job”. Following his stint in the U.S. Army as a public information writer stationed in Alaska, he immediately began working as a freelance writer. A stranger to the corporate environment, Bruce spent his career working from his home office. He was editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, a publication of the Financial Planning Association. In that capacity, he wrote more than a thousand articles on a wide variety of topics within the arena of consumer financial planning. Subsequently, many of these pieces were included in The Encyclopedia of Financial Planning.

Additionally, during his career Bruce freelanced articles to national magazines including Parade, TV Guide, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Travel & Leisure and American Way. It was to the latter that he sold a profile of past CAL President and long-time member the late Clive Cussler. He also ghost wrote the self-help book, THE POWER OF CHOICE, an opportunity that arose from his connections as a CAL member.

In the 1990s, Bruce published two well-received mystery novels, BONDED FOR MURDER and MISSING BONDS, featuring tough-as-iron bail bonds-woman Ruby Dark. His 2015 mystery novel, ROPE BURN, received high praise as well as a CAL Award for best genre novel as did MURDER ON THE TRACK, his first Joe Stryker mystery novel set in post-World War II Denver. It was followed by a sequel, THE BIG DIVE. In addition to his novels, three of his nonfiction articles were recognized for CAL Awards. 

Besides his CAL membership, Bruce is a long-time member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. 

On his website, Bruce has a particularly insightful observation: “Writers without readers is like wine without alcohol.”

Bruce will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at CAL’s annual awards ceremony on June 19th.

Watch Bruce's Lifetime Achievement Award Video

CAL Awards Winners Announced

Watch the Awards Video

A Matter of Blood

Young Adult

A Matter of Blood

by Kendra Merritt


Bonnie In-Between

by Linda L. Osmundson


Historical Fiction

The Only Way Home

by Jeanette Minniti

Red Rabbit on the Run


Red Rabbit

On The Run

by Jodi Bowersox

Child / Early Reader

All Around Dogs

by Dolly Viscardi


Red Rabbit

On The Run

by Jodi Bowersox

Demon Riding Shotgun

Sci Fi / Fantasy

Demon Riding Shotgun

by L.R. Braden

Demon Riding Shotgun


Demon Riding Shotgun

by L.R. Braden

Searching for closure


Searching For Closure

by Iona Morrison

Cozy Mystery

How to Book a Murder

by Cynthia Kuhn


Mainstream / Literary


by Bob Seay

Of Books and Beasts

General Nonfiction

Of Books and Beasts: A Cryptozoologist’s Library

by Matt Bille

Sci Fi / Fantasy

Demon Riding Shotgun

by L.R. Braden

The Mermaid Broker


The Mermaid Broker

by Sue Hinkin

Epic Fantasy

Khyven the Unkillable

by Todd Fahnestock

Colorado Phantasmagorias: A mashup of biography, fantasy, and travel guide

Historical Nonfiction

Colorado Phantasmagorias

by Joan Jacobson

Under Sleep's New Moon

Poetry Collection

Under Sleep's New Moon

by Joseph Hutchison

Biography / Memoir

Ordinary Magic

by Todd Fahnestock

Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit

Prose Collection

Food for Thought

by Jerry Fabyanic

Defined by Fire

Cover Design: Adult

Defined by Fire

Terry Dugan, designer

John Rabins, author

Cover Design: Juvenile

"E" is for Eucharist

Anna-Maria Crum, designer

Claudia Cangilla McAdam, author

Single Poem


by Valerie Szarek

Essays: Personal


"Ms. Suzy & Mom"


by Petra Perkins

Essays: Commentary

"Fireworks in Hong Kong"

by Carol Ann Wilson


"In the Land of Sky Blue Weather"

by Kayann Short

Short Stories

"Parachute Drop"

by Joey Porcelli

In the spotlight: Virginia White, winner of the CAL Summer Reading contest


Looking Through the Rearview Mirror and to the Road Ahead

How does a struggling young reader end up constantly reading? What’s more, how does this struggling young reader end up as an author? Love of stories and determination make that happen.

What are my current writing projects?

First of all, I want to finish Thorns, Thistles, and Love, my great grandmother’s pioneer journey through Kansas and Nebraska. It has been a labor of love and a huge learning curve for me.

Secondly, launching Paxton Plays the Piccolo, a picture book that my oldest daughter and I wrote, is what we both are eager to see. It should be out soon. A portion of the sales will go to the Larimer County Animal Shelter.

Thirdly, I am wrestling with a few ideas for a Tulip’s Disappearing Act sequel, a new Little Honker book, or using a few memory sketches from Anna’s story for kids. As usual, I keep thinking of “what about” possibilities.

What lead me to my particular writing projects?

Moving and sorting through boxes gave me the idea for my Little Honker series. I discovered a short story that my youngest daughter wrote called, “The Cat That Went Honk,” and I asked her if I might play around with the idea. I combined that with the memory of our female Siamese cat giving birth to six kittens on our bed. Thus, my Little Honker series began.

My father-in-law’s veterinarian practice, my sister-in-law’s creativity, and skunk research assisted me in creating the Margie series. Skunks do much more than provide the famous Skunk Perfume! They are myopic, hence the spray when frightened, but also excellent for the environment.

Writing with my Creative Writing students gave me the idea for my critter series. It also gave me the idea for Tulip’s Disappearing Act when I remembered “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and wrote the poem called “The Bridge” about a trick I played on my younger brother. Our trip to Norway was the perfect way for me to flesh out that story.

The Pandemic gave me the idea for Mixing Up Some Happiness because everyone was cooking favorite recipes at home. The book is filled with yummy and creative ways of giving you a little comfort when you need it. I received more submissions than I ever imagined and have loved trying them out! The stories submitted with each recipe make you want to just sit down and

read the recipe book like a collection of short stories.

What are my biggest challenges?

Marketing is a huge challenge for me. I am not very good at it and find that it takes much time away from family and writing. In spite of this, I did win awards for both my Margie books, all of my critter books, and Tulip’s Disappearing Act. You have to enter a contest to get an award and I failed to do that with my Little Honker books.

This state is wrapped in talent and I feel fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group. Because I am constantly reading and writing, I seek out this state’s talent to inspire me.

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Shadow Atlas

edited by Carina Bissett, Hillary Dodge, and Joshua Viola

illustrated by Aaron lovett

Bats, Bandits & Buggies

Juvenile Literature

Bats, Bandits & Buggies

by Nancy Oswald


General Nonfiction


by Todd Mitchell

The Night of Many Endings


Khyven the Unkillable

by Todd Fahnestock

The Night of Many Endings


Magic and Misrule

by K. M. Merritt

The Night of Many Endings


Canyonlands Carnage

by Scott Graham



Red Rabbit OnThe Run

by Jodi Bowersox

The Night of Many Endings

General Fiction

The Night of Many Endings

by Melissa Payne


Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit


Food for Thought

by Jerry Fabyanic

Feelings Are Friends

Parenting and Family

Feelings are Friends

by Cheryl Nifoussi

Corky Tails: Sagebrush and the Disappearing Dark Sky

Animals, Pets, Nature

Sagebrush and The Disappearing Dark Sky

by Joni Franks


Historical Fiction

Literary Fiction

The Only Way Home

by Jeanette Minniti

Bats, Bandits & Buggies

Middle Grade Fiction

Bats, Bandits & Buggies

by Nancy Oswald


Red Rabbit on the Run

by Jodi Bowersox

The Crooked Forest, Legacy of the Holey Stone

Women's Fiction

General Illustration

The Crooked Forest, Legacy of the Holey Stone

by Joni Franks

Mosaic Heart



Mosaic Heart: Pieces of an Unfinished Life

by Donna Mazzitelli


Adult Cover Design

Interior Design


Victoria Wolf

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Jericho would rather die than return to the temple.

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Bennie strikes out on his own, temporarily. 

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Out in the Field

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Portrait of a Murder

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Little Brown Horsey

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White Sands Gold

Guardians, Gold, and a Mysterious Relic.

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Daybreak on Raven Island

When a field trip goes from bad to worse.

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The Road We Left Behind

How much heartache can one woman endure?

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Break Heart Canyon

An easy money plan takes a turn.

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A Hand of Hearts

A second chance romance.

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Let's Learn About Mushrooms

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Andromeda Rhoades Liberation: The Local War (Book 1)

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In search of justice

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Feathers of the Phoenix

Ancient Mystery...Mystical Prophecy...Biblical Horsemen

One Epic Task

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Folding Cranes in the Golden Hour

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Crisosto Apache has had two poem published in Thin Air Magazine: "Calm" and "Creating Golden Heliotropes in His Hands."

Carol Ann Wilson's essay "Live Oaks" was published by The Wrath-Bearing Tree, a literary journal founded by combat veterans and dedicated to issues of social justice and human resilience. 

Robert V. Dodge published an article in the Journal of Indigenous Research: "Indigenous Americans Became Red: Racism as Justification for Exploitation of Native Americans."

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Joe Nigg

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