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Attention Book Illustrators and Cover Designers!

Colorado Authors League has long been about the business of storytelling, and now we’re opening our membership to include those who tell stories through art!

Book Illustrators and Cover designers, we invite you to apply for membership and take advantage of the rich benefits that CAL provides its members from friendship to promotion

to a chance to win your very own CAL award for Illustration or Cover Design!

We want to promote your work, click HERE to see just one of the ways.


Dec. 3-4, 10-11 Bighorn Book Nook at the Georgetown Christmas Market

Dec. 18, 2-4 p.m. CAL Holiday Party at The Hub at Lone Tree

CAL members RSVP to

June 11, 2023 CAL Awards at the Washington Park Boathouse

Colorado Conference Calendar 2023

April 28-30 Pikes Peak Writers

May 25-27 Northern Colorado Writers

Sept 8-10 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

CAL Awards

Submissions for the 2023 Awards are now open!

Interested in being a CAL Awards judge? Send your qualifications to colorado.authors.league

(CAL members are ineligible)

Submission period: Nov 1-Jan 31

Eligibility: You must be a CAL member to enter (See Membership tab above)

Categories: Multiple writing categories are judged from essays, articles, and poetry to full-length novels.

Categories also include illustration, cover design, and graphic novels.

2023 Awards announcements: May

Awards ceremony: June

Awards Info

Bruce Most

recipient of the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Watch Bruce's Interview Video

Watch past Award Ceremonies

79th Annual CAL Awards Video

hosted by Kevin and Jodi Bowersox

80th Annual CAL Awards Video

hosted by Jody Pritzl

81st Annual CAL Awards Video

hosted by Jodi Bowersox, Laurie Marr Wasmund, and Claire L. Fishback

In the spotlight: Shannon Lawrence


My writing career has followed a different path than many others. It has certainly not looked like the trajectories presented at writing conferences as the norm.

I started out writing novels because that was the only path presented at the time, but I quickly found that I enjoyed the process of short stories: writing them and submitting them. It’s a roller coaster system, where a quick turnaround time is beneficial. Got a rejection? Turn that puppy around and submit it elsewhere. You can’t get published if you’re always sitting on your stories.

When I ventured out to my first writing conference, I left feeling deflated, but inspired and determined at the same time. At this conference, I got torn apart by an agent notorious for being what she called “honest,” but what I now know as unnecessarily nasty. I volunteered at the conference that year, and was hooked on the feeling of community, so I kept doing it year after year.

Those years taught me a lot about the writing world, about agents and editors, and about community. They also put me in a position to be there for new authors getting their first eye-opening experiences about what the writing world really looked like, and I thrived on passing that along and being there to lift them up after they were knocked down.

During those years, I shelved that first novel, wrote a second novel, and submitted short stories to various markets. I also introduced the idea of short stories being a valid part of an author’s experience to that original conference, as well as others. I was suddenly being invited to speak at conferences and to appear at events, when I’d thought that would never happen until I was a published novelist. Those first few events I almost tip-toed in, afraid someone would tell me I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t a real author since I was only published in short story markets, but that never happened. Instead, I found I was accepted like everyone else, and even that people were curious about my path and short stories, in general, because they simply weren’t well covered at writing conferences. Everything I had learned about short stories had been self-taught. That was an ongoing problem for others, as well. I felt there was no reason that should be so.

Since then, I’ve self-published several short story collections and a non-fiction book on the business of short stories, as well as formulating new workshops, with the hope of giving aspiring writers another path for their own writing careers. I’ve continued speaking on that topic and others. My short stories led to me winning a scholarship from the Horror Writer’s Association last year, which I’ve used to help continue my writing education by attending conferences and online workshops.

Going forward, I intend to continue honing my short stories, but also return to the novel form. I fully believe in always learning and growing in one’s career, and that applies here just as much as to my day job. Short stories have allowed me to play and learn in multiple genres; novel writing is my next playground.


Did you miss our CAL Co-op Booths?

You can still get great books by CAL authors in time for Christmas!
Check out our Genre Pages for ideas and contact an author for a direct purchase of an autographed copy. What could be a more unique Christmas gift?

2022 co-op booth, Robert, Tyler

The BigHorn Book Nook is Back!

As part of the Georgetown Christmas Market 2022

When: Two Weekends in December: Dec. 4, 5, 11, 12

Time: Open 9 am-4pm

Where: The Community Center, Georgetown CO


Reserve your spot now as a book vendor.

Contact Jerry Fabyanic: for details


Get thee to Georgetown in December and buy books for all the readers on your Christmas list!

CAL Racks in Colorado Springs and Lakewood

Support these businesses that support CAL

5670 N. Academy Blvd

Colorado Springs


Located in the

Colorado Mills Mall

14500 W. Colfax Avenue

Lakewood, CO

A New Rack Location

Coming Soon!

Third Space Rack
Perfect Gift book rack
Acme Bar & Grill rack

Nowhere near our book racks?

You can still find great books by CAL authors. Check out our Genre Pages.

Autographed books make a great gift year-round. Contact authors directly to get signed copies.

CAL Authors Release New Books!

No Time For Murder

Death wasn't on the calendar.

Find it on Amazon

Cold Star

The first of twelve sci fi shorts

Check them out on Amazon

Redemption will come as a song

A unique book of poetry and prose.

Buy yours today!

Food for Thought: Essays on Mind and Spirit, Volume II

A salad of essays

for a healthy mind and spirit.

Check it out on Amazon

Azelom: The Breath of the World

Dovith has fallen.

The Accord is shattered.

Find it on Amazon

The Pain Bearer

Some treasures are better left buried.

Buy yours today!


Fiercely introspective.

Check it out on Amazon

Chaos Song

Everything Alex has struggled to create

is about to come unraveled...

Find it on Amazon

The Reprise of Rooster Rockstar

Art with heart.

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Battle for Eklatros

An unlikely group takes on an alien threat.

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Into the Background

A true crime memoir

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for where you go I will go

One family's journey to America

Check it out on Amazon

Into the Background

Enjoy the hunt!

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Meringue Snowflake Magic

What's Christmas without a bit of magic?

Find it on Amazon

Dark of Night

A sacred lost treasure and poisonous retribution.

Check it out on Amazon

And Publish Plays, Essays, Articles, and Poems!

Kathryn Winograd's essay,

Folding Cranes in the Golden Hour

was published at

Poetry Society of Colorado

Cristina A. Bejan's poem was selected for the Poetry Society of Colorado Centennial Anthology.

Crisosto Apache has had two poem published in Thin Air Magazine: "Calm" and "Creating Golden Heliotropes in His Hands."

Carol Ann Wilson's essay "Live Oaks" was published by The Wrath-Bearing Tree, a literary journal founded by combat veterans and dedicated to issues of social justice and human resilience. 

Robert V. Dodge published an article in the Journal of Indigenous Research: "Indigenous Americans Became Red: Racism as Justification for Exploitation of Native Americans."

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CAL Authors In Action


Dec. 3-4, 10-11 Bighorn Book Nook at the Georgetown Christmas Market

Dec. 18, 2-4 p.m. CAL Holiday Party at The Hub at Lone Tree

CAL members RSVP to

June 11, 2023 CAL Awards at the Washington Park Boathouse

Helping Students

In 2020, CAL members joined together to create a book of writing prompts for students of all ages.

Paperback and Kindle versions available on Amazon

Download Options in English and Spanish

Lisa Reinicke 2

Helping the Community

CAL authors often contribute to Little Free Libraries!

Little Library 2021

Where can I find CAL books?

CAL books are on GoodReads!

Click to find them all in one place!


2022 co-op booth Robert, Tyler, Jodi

Registration has partially opened for the 2023 Colorado Country Christmas Gift Shows in November.

The Denver booth will be held Nov. 3-5 at the Convention Center.

The Colorado Springs booth will be held Nov. 10-12 at the Event Center.

Read all about it and how you can participate next year:

Christmas Booth

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