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Vice President Membership


The Membership Chair is member of the CAL Board of Directors and is responsible for soliciting new members, processing new membership applications and supporting annual membership renewal process in the spring.

Experience required for this position:

As Membership Chair, being aware of the CAL bi-laws pertaining to membership requirements is essential.  In addition, following the outlined responsibilities and improving when appropriate.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Attend Board Meetings (9) arranged by the current President.  Board meetings are not held in May (Awards Dinner), August (Summer Break), and December (Holiday Gathering).
  • Verify and approve new member applications.
  • Report monthly to the board approved/non-approved of applicants.
  • Maintain a record of new members and CAL referrals.
  • Notify applicant’s membership status in an email, cc current President, web site administrator (Michele Morris), accountant (Linda Lange) and Mentor Program Leader (Margi Evans).
  • Maintain a record of expenses. For reimbursement, complete an expense report and submit to Linda Lange with receipts.
  • Actively prospect and recruit new members.
  • Interact with fellow board members and participate in CAL events as possible.
  • Coordinate efforts for membership renewal June 1 – August 30 each year.

Processing a new application:

  1. New membership applications will be provided to the VP of Membership via a form from the CAL website. Payment of $50 will be processed with the application.
  2. Confirm the author is eligible to be a member of CAL based on bi-laws criteria.
  3. Once approved, process the application.
    1. Send congratulatory email to author – cc: President, Web administrator (Michele Morris), accountant (Linda Lange) and Mentor Program Leader (Margi Evans) Sample attached
    2. Track membership information and referral for end of the year processing.

Renewal process:

  1. Request two lists of members from the accountant divided into two groups. Those who are up for renewal and those who are up to date with membership dues.
  2. Send email to those who are up for renewal with a brief explanation of options and provide link with payment. Request any updates to their webpage be sent directly to the admin.
  3. Send email to members who are up to date informing them their membership is up-to-date and be sure to update their membership page with the admin.
  4. Follow-up until all members have responded with either renewal or email confirming they have chosen not to renew.

Congratulatory email to new members:

Dear ,

Your application for membership in the Colorado Authors’ League has been approved. You are now a full-fledged member entitled to all the benefits that CAL offers.

You will receive an email from Margi Evans, offering you a CAL member mentor for your first year in CAL. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to have someone acquaint you with CAL and help you get the most out of your CAL membership. If you have questions about the mentoring program, please ask them of Margi after you are contacted by her.

In addition, expect an email from Michele Morris, the CAL website administrator.  Michele will be asking you for information to complete your personal author’s profile page on the website and to do a blog post announcing you to CAL and the writing community. She will also fill you in on how you can use the website, our social media sites, and our newsletter, InPrint, to promote your books and events and share news about your writing and publishing.

The website’s value to CAL members, under Michele’s guidance, is incalculable. It is where you can learn about what’s going on, find another member, read the CAL By-Laws or history of the organization, and the website is chock full of writing tips and tools.  You’ll want to spend time learning about all of the great content we store there for our members to use. You don’t need to wait to hear from Michele to access the website – simply visit to get started.

Other member benefits of CAL that you can take advantage of include:

  • Eligible to enter CAL’s 2019 Writing Contest.
  • Eligible to use gold or silver CAL stickers on your books if you are a Winner or Finalist in the contest.
  • Invited to the annual CAL Holiday Party each December.
  • Eligible to nominate candidates for the annual Lifetime Achievement Award, presented at the annual banquet. Nominations close Jan. 31.
  • Eligible for member discounts on CAL writing programs.
  • Invited to the annual Awards Banquet held in the spring.
  • Eligible to sell your book in CAL’s Holiday Mart Co-op Book Booth. This is held each November and last year CAL sold more than 300 books for its authors.
  • Access to CAL’s monthly electronic newsletter, InPrint, and to special features.
  • Inclusion in CAL’s annual Who’s Who Member Directory upon renewing membership (published September each year)
  • Discount Author Exhibit table at future book festivals
  • Eligible to volunteer for a position on CAL’s Board of Directors, who are voted on by the full membership at the Awards Banquet.

What’s the best benefit of membership in the Colorado Authors’ League? The ability to PARTICIPATE in all that CAL offers authors. Take advantage of it!

Please don’t hesitate to email me or any board members with questions or suggestions you might have.

I look forward to seeing you at a future CAL event.