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The Treasurer is member of the CAL Board of Directors and is responsible for preparing the fiscal year budget, in cooperation with Committee chairpersons, the President, and CAL’s consultant CPA. The Treasurer evaluates the monthly financial reports prepared by the consultant CPA for possible inconsistencies and omissions, and then summarizes pertinent details from the financial statements to the Board.

Experience required for this position:

The Treasurer should have the ability to read and understand basic financial statements. A professional financial or accounting background is not required.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings, usually nine each fiscal year, and provide a written Treasurer’s report. Board meetings are normally not held in May, August, and December.
  • Evaluate monthly financials statements prepared by CAL’s CPA for possible inconsistencies and omissions. Summarize pertinent details from the financial statements to the Board.
  • Function as a signatory on CAL’s bank accounts, although the President and CPA are primary signatories.
  • Working with CAL’s President and CPA, propose the annual fiscal year budget, utilizing information from Committee chairpersons to support budgeted income and expenses. The budget is then prepared by CAL’s CPA reflecting this proposal and considered, discussed, amended as necessary, and approved by the Board.

Time requirements:

  • Nine Board meetings – approximately 2 hours each.
  • Review of materials to prepare for 9 Board meetings – 1 to 2 hours each.
  • Financial statement evaluation and preparation of Treasurer’s report- approximately 4 – 6 hours for each of the 9 Board meetings
  • June and July require additional time, evaluating the fiscal year-end reports and participating in preparation of the new fiscal year budget. This is approximately 1 – 2 hours for year-end reports and 4 – 8 hours for budget proposal, review, and reporting to the Board is required.
  • Minimal additional time as dictated by committees or projects volunteered for as a Board member